Oak Solutions Group Develops New F+ / Fermentation Plus

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Oak Solutions Group Develops New F+ / Fermentation Plus

NAPA, Calif. (February 15, 2022) – Oak Solutions Group is pleased to the announce the latest addition to its trū/tan portfolio: f+ / Fermentation Plus. Fermentation Plus is a hydrolysable tannin that is a blend of gallotannin and ellagitannin derived from Quercus Alba. It adds subtle aromas and a smooth, round mouthfeel to heavier whites and lighter reds.

“Our trū/tan line originally contained two fermentation tannins, Fruit Intensive (fi) and Fermentation Finishing (f²), largely for whites and reds respectively,” said Kyle Sullivan, Global Managing Director for Oak Solutions Group.  “We discovered an opportunity to utilize a new toasted oak extract that provides more aromatics and desired mouthfeel not only to be used in both reds and whites at fermentation, but even to be used in finishing where applicable.”

What makes trū/tan unique is our oak, directly sourced from the same forest regions as premium oak barrels, and then precisely toasted through our proprietary process. This allows our f+ tannin blend to be positioned as a fermentation tannin with a quality high enough to also be used a finishing tannin. As a fermentation tannin, it is designed to add subtle aromas and a smooth, round mouthfeel to heavier whites and lighter reds. When used in finishing it adds delicate oak aromas and increase structure and smoothness in the finish.

“Its high polyphenolic content will reduce risk of oxidation from botrytis and reduce pyrazines and vegetal character in prone varieties,” said Derek Sanchez, trū/tan Technical Sales Manager / Wine Chemist. “Another notable feature in f+ is its ability to increase color stability and reduce bitterness.”

Fermentation Plus is immediately available in the trū/tan line, which now features seven oak tannin blends. The trū/tan portfolio also includes two other unique fermentation tannins: fi / Fruit Intensive and f2 / Fermentation Finishing.

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