ISC Barrels Introduces Smoked Barrels in Small Batch Series

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ISC Barrels Introduces Smoked Barrels in Small Batch Series

Lebanon, Ky. (February 1, 2022) – ISC Barrels is expanding the Small Batch Series with the addition of a new line of Smoked Barrels.

Recognizing the increased popularity for spirits with “smokey” character, ISC Barrels developed a barrel that offers smoke characters that are not achievable by traditional toasting or charring methods.

“We saw an opportunity in the market to expand our portfolio of barrels using different wood sources to achieve desirable smoke characteristics,” said Independent Stave Company CEO Brad Boswell. “You’re seeing smoke used in innovative ways to influence cocktails and food, like the ‘smoked cocktail’ being reintroduced in bars and restaurants.”

Independent Stave Company has developed a unique, proprietary barrel smoking technology and process. During this process, no flame, heat, or smoking material comes in contact with the barrel. This is known as a cold smoking process.

Smoked barrels are available with the following wood and organic material options: Maple, Apple, Hickory and Peat.  Two peat smoked barrels will be offered: Sweet Peat and Traditional Peat.

Customers will also be able to provide their own smoking material given that it fits the specifications.

“We often get requests from customers asking us to construct barrels made from their locally sourced wood. Often that we can’t meet these requests due to our manufacturing standards and physiology of the wood in question,” Independent Stave Company Director of Spirit Research and Innovation Andrew Wiehebrink explained. “Now, with our smoking process utilizing wood chips and other organic material, we can give our customers an avenue to integrate local materials into their products.”

Visit the ISC Barrels blog to take a closer look at the development of our Smoked Barrels. Offered in limited quantities, our Small Batch barrels combine innovation and technology to bring out the best in your spirits. We offer four types of barrels in this series - Spiral Cut, Wave Stave, Toasted, and now Smoked. Availability requests can be made by contacting an ISC Barrels account manager. For more information on all the ISC Barrels visit

Supported by four generations of Boswells, ISC Barrels is a family of craftsmen. From our mills to our cooperages, ISC crafts barrels through sustainable practices and innovative technology. As a result, millions of people around the world enjoy beverages aged in ISC barrels.