ēvOAK by Oak Solutions Group Launches New Extraction Tank in Partnership with Custom Metalcraft

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ēvOAK by Oak Solutions Group Launches New Extraction Tank in Partnership with Custom Metalcraft

NAPA, Calif. (April 10, 2017) – ēvOAK by Oak Solutions Group is pleased to introduce the ēvOAK Extraction Tank, a specialized, easy-to-use external tank system developed in partnership with Custom Metalcraft to extract oak into wine or spirits. The ēvOAK Extraction Tank can be used in conjunction with any type of oak alternative product, offering a faster extraction than traditional methods as well as the convenience of reduced labor inputs at the winery.

“Creativity is core to the ēvOAK brand, and our Extraction Tank will further revolutionize the beverage alcohol industry by allowing wineries to benefit from faster extraction of oak-derived compounds into wine or spirits, the ability to adjust the speed of extraction at any point, and significantly reduced labor by eliminating storage tank entry,” confirmed Kyle Sullivan, international sales director for Oak Solutions Group.

First, the desired oak alternative product or blend of products will be placed inside the ēvOAK Extraction Tank according to the desired dose rate. Using an external pump and connection hoses, wine flows from the storage tank through the ēvOAK Extraction Tank, then returning to the storage tank. The system is designed so the speed may be adjusted at any point for added convenience.

“We’ve conducted numerous production trials, and the results repeatedly demonstrate a high quality extraction is achieved in less time,” said Sullivan. “Any of our ēvOAK products work well in the extraction tank, allowing wineries to have access to our full range of innovative products, with less time and labor invested in integrating the oak with the wine.”

By eliminating the need for in-tank installations, the ēvOAK Extraction Tank is positioned to significantly reduce labor, and may also be used at any point of the winemaking process.

Immediately available in North America, Oak Solutions Group will work in partnership with Custom Metalcraft to manage inquiries and sales. Product and commercial trial information is available on Custom Metalcraft’s website: http://custom-metalcraft.com/wine-distilling-brewing-equipment/wine-industry/oak-extraction-tank/.

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