trū/tan by Oak Solutions Group Introduces Aqueous Tannins to its Product Line

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trū/tan by Oak Solutions Group Introduces Aqueous Tannins to its Product Line,
Launches aquadolce and aquatexture as New Blends

NAPA, Calif. (February 24, 2017) – Oak Solutions Group is pleased to expand its trū/tan enological tannin line through the launch of two artisanal new products: aquadolce and aquatexture by trū/tan. Both products are unique blends of oak-derived ellagitannin and gallotannin. Presented as aqueous tannins, they retain the aromatic freshness and potency of stave quality oak while maximizing ease of application.

“This is an exciting launch for us following several years of development and experimentation,” confirmed Glenn Jeffries, trū/tan technical sales engineer. “Aqueous tannins react quickly to grape polyphenols for optimal integration into wine tannin complexes, resulting in the immediate improvement of mouthfeel and structure of any wine. Furthermore, adding liquids to tank or barrel is easy and efficient, so using these aqueous tannins is the apex of quality and convenience.”

As with all trū/tan blends, aquadolce and aquatexture are 100 percent natural, hydrosoluble and in conformity with Codex OIV.

Oak Solutions Group designed the two aqueous tannin blends to offer different nuances to wine:

• aquatexture helps balance the fruit and structure of wines, bringing just the right amount of barrel aromatics, toast, roundness, complexity and structure when used during aging or finishing. trū/tan aquatexture rapidly improves the textural dimension of wine while providing more classic oak aromatics that help to frame the fruit.

• aquadolce immediately lifts the aromatic character of white or red wine by providing a rich, bright sweetness to both the bouquet and palate of a wine. The proprietary oak toasting and extraction process is focused on developing and retaining the maximum amount of confectionary oak compounds that lead to aromatic richness and a softer, rounder, more elegant experience on the palate. This blend is typically used during finishing or pre-bottling.

The new tannins launched at the 2017 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. and are now available for ordering. Sample kits may be requested at and technical data sheets are also available upon request for both products, presenting chemical and sensory analysis to offer further insights.

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