Oak Solutions Group Launches Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 Tank Staves,Designed to Offer a Barrel-Like Extraction

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Oak Solutions Group Launches Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 Tank Staves, Designed to Offer a Barrel-Like Extraction

NAPA, Calif. (February 13, 2017) – Oak Solutions Group is pleased to announce the latest addition to its ēvOAK portfolio: Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 tank staves. Inspired by traditional cooperage, Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 offer winemakers the versatility of oak alternatives with the elegance and complexity of a barrel-like extraction.

“Our innovation team used our proprietary technology and the key elements to crafting a barrel to develop these unique tank staves well suited to extended aging,” confirmed Kyle Sullivan, international sales director.

Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 tank staves are crafted with oak hand-selected at the cooperage for the finest grain, thereby increasing the potential for extractives. Next, to mimic the gradient of flavor found in a barrel, each tank stave is toasted with a computer-controlled infrared heat source, which conveys different nuances from the surface to the center of the tank stave. The tank staves are only toasted on one side to further increase complexity. This offers two different surfaces to extract from: the toasted side mirrors the first layers of toasted oak in a traditional barrel, while the untoasted side offers the tannins found in the interior layers of a barrel.

“When a barrel is toasted, the surface and initial depth of its barrel staves will be transformed most significantly by the heat from the fire, offering more toasty, caramelized notes, while the inner layers will be less transformed and be an excellent source of tannin,” said Sullivan. “As the wine ages in barrel, it will slowly enter into the oak up to 5-7 mm in depth and will benefit from the different extractives and nuances present in each layer of oak for a complex end result. Cuvée No. 4 and No. 5 offer a way to achieve this using oak alternatives.”

Oak Solutions Group has released a technical data sheet presenting chemical and sensory analysis of both tank staves, offering winemakers further insights into the products through supporting data.

Cuvée No. 4 consistently imparts rich flavors that pair well with dark fruit, and is known for subtle vanilla, red spice and a luxurious finish. The barrel-like aromas and flavors are typical of a fully extracted American oak barrel. Meanwhile, Cuvée No. 5 is reminiscent of a first use French oak barrel, and accentuates aromatic freshness through an integrated balance of fruit, spice and toast while enhancing structure with supple tannins.

The new tank staves launched at the 2016 Vinitech Sifel exposition in Bordeaux, France in December and were subsequently introduced at the 2017 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. Sample kits may be requested at oaksolutionsgroup.com.

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