Oak Solutions Group Develops New Oak Tannin Blend, ‘ib / Integration Boost’

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Oak Solutions Group Develops New Oak Tannin Blend, ‘ib / Integration Boost’, for trū/tan Line of Innovative Oak Tannins

NAPA, Calif. (February 1, 2016) – Oak Solutions Group is pleased to the announce the latest addition to its trū/tan portfolio: ib / Integration Boost. Integration Boost is a blend of ellagitannin derived from stave-quality oak and gallotannin derived from oak gall that enhances fruit perception by providing a rich sweetness to both the flavor and aromatic character of white and red wines.

“As consumer taste becomes more and more sophisticated, we identified a need in the market for a finishing tannin that offers both integration and balance,” confirmed Kyle Sullivan, international sales director. “ib enhances aromatic characters of all wines, focused especially on whites and rosés, while taking integration to the next level.”

This tannin blend is positioned as an aging or finishing tannin. ib provides light, sweet aromatics as well as a soft, round boost to mid-palate weight.

“Our proprietary oak toasting method results in a polyphenol profile that rapidly integrates with native grape tannins, complementing their structure by reacting with them to create new, complex tannins that are velvety and smooth,” said Glenn Jeffries, trū/tan technical sales engineer. “We think another aspect that winemakers will really appreciate is its high reactivity – trū/tan ib assists with quicker binding, increasing the wine’s potential for earlier bottling.”

ib is immediately available in the trū/tan line, which now features six oak tannin blends. The trū/tan portfolio also includes two other unique finishing tannins, rf / Reserve Formula and vb / Volume Boost. rf blend provides mid-range aromatics of caramel and toast as well as a more robust structural component. Meanwhile, vb offers a soft, round boost to the mid-palate weight, but also provides a massive mocha, dark-toast aromatic kick.

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