ISC Domestic Cooperages Achieve Food Safety Management Certification

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ISC Domestic Cooperages Achieve Food Safety Management Certification

Guest Contributor Todd Campbell, Food Safety Manager for Independent Stave Company

We are proud to announce that our domestic cooperages- Missouri Cooperage, Kentucky Cooperage and Commonwealth Cooperage- have all secured certification in food safety management (ISO 22000).


What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a food safety management standard. It provides specific requirements to implement a food safety management system that ultimately enhances our ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet our customers’ needs.

What is the ISO 22000 Certification Process?

Achieving an ISO 22000 certificate is a multi-step process.  It begins with the creation and implementation of new policies related to food safety, such as new chemical programs, pest control programs and Good Manufacturing Programs (GMP).

Established programs then require numerous hours of training, application, and monitoring.  Programs are measured for a significant amount of time, then an external auditor performs an in-depth audit of our systems along with an evaluation of employee knowledge.  

After extensive interviews and mounds of documented proof of compliance with all necessary aspects of the standard, we are granted recommendation for certification by the auditing body.

Why go through the process? 

Our customers recognized the importance of food safety and what it means to their customers.

Having a food safety certificate such as ISO 22000, allows our customers to have additional peace of mind knowing that we are knowledgeable of food packaging environments and that we go above and beyond the basic HACCP principles for added assurance that we are operating as a food safe company.

What does this mean for our customers?

Being certified by an ISO 22000 auditing body, provides our customers the confidence that we are committed to making exceptional quality barrels and providing the best and most food-safe products in the industry.