Oak Solutions Group Expands Portfolio of Premium Oak Alternatives with Acquisition of Innerstave

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Oak Solutions Group Expands Portfolio of Premium Oak Alternatives with Acquisition of Innerstave

NAPA, CA (November 1, 2023) – Oak Solutions Group, a premium oak products company, has further expanded its portfolio of high-quality oak alternatives with the purchase of Innerstave. The agreement was finalized on November 1, and includes the acquisition of the inventory, machinery, intellectual property, and brand.

Founded in 1979, Innerstave pioneered the oak alternatives industry. For the past 40 years, they have assisted winemakers, distillers, and brewers in enhancing the color, mouthfeel, structure, and aromatic complexity of their beverages.

“The Innerstave acquisition will give us the opportunity to sell additional stave formats and expand our market share in North America, South America, and globally,” said Oak Solutions Group Global Managing Director Kyle Sullivan. “Existing customers will still have access to the excellent Innerstave products they currently purchase as we will be protecting the technology and production process that is the cornerstone of their unique flavor profiles.”

Innerstave approached Oak Solutions Group, as a fellow industry leader, with the offer to purchase the assets and continue growing the brand. The Oak Solutions Group portfolio currently includes ēvOAK oak alternatives and trū/tan oak tannins. Innerstave will be incorporated into the portfolio as another premium oak alternatives option.

“I believe Innerstave recognized that we have the knowledge, R&D, and sales resources to continue growing the brand as major player in the oak alternatives industry,” said VP of Business Development, Jason Stout. “Innerstave has supported the wine industry for years and we are proud to continue their vision for the brand into the future.”

Oak Solutions Group, a subsidiary of Independent Stave Company, is a premium oak products company focused on providing expert advice and unparalleled selection. Oak Solutions Group distributes: ēvOAK forward thinking oak products, trū/tan innovative oak tannins, and Custom Blends.