Benton Wood Products Becomes Operational as the Company’s Sixth American Oak Stave Mill

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Independent Stave Company Continues Expansion: Benton Wood Products Becomes
Operational as the Company’s Sixth American Oak Stave Mill

Benton, Ky. (Nov. 20, 2017) –Independent Stave Company (ISCO) is pleased to announce the completion of its sixth American oak stave mill. Benton Wood Products (BWP) is fully operational and processing high-quality staves and heading for the company’s cooperages in Kentucky and Missouri. The commissioning of BWP paves the way for the expansion and modernization of ISCO’s cooperage operations.

BWP, located in Marshall County, is a state-of-the-art-mill located on 48 acres strategically placed near high quality white oak forests, and will allow ISCO to have additional production capacity and flexibility. BWP is the second stave mill in Kentucky owned and operated by ISCO. ISCO owns seven stave mills in total, one in France and six in the United States, supplying ISCO cooperages with oak staves.

“Benton Wood Products was strategically built in bourbon country with access to premium American oak,” Chief Executive Officer of ISCO, Brad Boswell said. “We firmly support the continued growth of Kentucky’s bourbon industry and the wine and spirits sector in general. We remain committed to providing our customers with a wide range of high quality, readily available barrels and oak products.”

Justin Nichols, a 20-year veteran at ISCO, has been appointed general manager of the mill.

Independent Stave Company is a dynamic, family-owned cooperage company reaching customers in more than 40 countries. Founded by the Boswell family, Independent Stave Company still embraces the core values of family, innovation, community and hard work.