Tonnellerie Tremeaux Builds a New Atelier in Beaune

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Tonnellerie Tremeaux Carries Forward its Passion for Burgundian
Craftsmanship, Builds New Atelier in Beaune

(Beaune – France, 24 August 2017) Tonnellerie Tremeaux is pleased to announce construction of a custom atelier designed to honor artisanal tradition and create an aspirational environment for skilled craftsmen. Once complete, Tonnellerie Tremeaux will move its barrel production from the current site to the new cooperage, still nestled in the heart of Beaune.

For founder Ludovic Tremeaux, it is an exciting opportunity to continue Tonnellerie Tremeaux’s focus on traditional Burgundian craftsmanship while also creating space to host tastings onsite and optimize the working environment for the coopering team.

“We are passionate about traditions established by the ancient coopers, so it is humbling and gratifying to build a cooperage that reflects this inspiration,” confirmed Tremeaux.

A Burgundian native passionate about wine, Ludovic founded Tonnellerie Tremeaux in 2010. Over the years, Tonnellerie Tremeaux has become established as a high quality, artisanal brand thanks to close relationships with Burgundian winemakers, word of mouth and blind tastings.
“Our goal is for Tremeaux barrels to respect and highlight the fruit, always honoring the work and vision of the vigneron,” said Tremeaux. “We intentionally limit our production to best oversee oak maturation and ensure every barrel receives the same, careful attention while it is crafted and toasted in our workshop.”

Tonnellerie Tremeaux’s hands-on approach includes seasoning French oak using a unique one-meter high chimney stacking method. This is an excellent way to ensure the oak seasons naturally and evenly, with optimal air flow and exposure to the elements. While it requires a significant investment of space on the seasoning yard, this method creates a softer oak profile with incredible consistency.

“Our team sees the new cooperage as a testimony to years of dedication to do our very best for the wineries we serve,” said Guillaume Etcharry-Ferré, master cooper and production manager. With more than 12 years of coopering experience, Etcharry-Ferré leads the company’s team of experienced coopers, many of whom have trained at Lycée Viticole de Beaune. “We are succeeding together, and we are also pleased to see strong demand around the world for premium wine barrels crafted in Burgundy. Our coopers have a lot of pride in our métier and optimism for the bright future ahead.”

Tonnellerie Tremeaux barrels are designed to showcase the fruit with discreet oak influence, focusing on balance and harmony. The United States sales team includes Zach Thompson (Napa, Central Valley, Temecula, and Washington) and Karen Prusinowski (Sonoma, Carneros, Central Coast and Oregon).