Reflecting on 110 Years of a Family Business

It is an honor to be a part of this fourth-generation family business. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather blazed wide trails before us, and we are fortunate to carry on their hard work and accomplishments. The team I am surrounded by is forging even wider and longer trails from where we began, and I sincerely believe we are just getting started.

Independent Stave Company has over a century of history and institutional knowledge to build upon. In 1912, my great-grandfather’s technology included horses and steam engines. Now, 110 years later, our newest mills and cooperages are built on cutting-edge computer-controlled technology and modern automation systems. We have kept our focus on continuous improvement and today we make higher quality barrels with less waste than ever. It has been a captivating evolution to witness.

Our success has always been rooted in the skills and dedication of our employees, combined with their incredible loyalty and resilience. I have been around many organizations in my lifetime, but I have never seen one that simply “refuses to lose” like ours. Independent Stave Company has faced some daunting challenges over the years, but we have persevered and overcome each one thanks to the determination, grit, and loyalty of our people. It is humbling to witness the incredible efforts our employees make when they are presented with a new challenge.

Few family businesses survive, let alone thrive, for four generations and 110 years. Our commitment to deliver on the promises we’ve made to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders has been paramount to our multi-generational success. Our employees have earned Independent Stave Company the reputation of being trustworthy, reliable, and morally upright. Our customers, some who have dealt with three or four generations of leadership at Independent Stave Company, know our track record and are confident in making us their primary, and often sole, supplier. Leadership’s promises are made good by the incredible efforts of our entire organization.

Looking forward, we remain 100% committed to ensuring the success of our customers and employees. Our commitment to continuous improvement will be unwavering. We will build new facilities, modernize existing ones, and invest in new technology and processes. Most importantly, we will invest in our people. They are the foundation of our success today, and what will make the next 110 years successful.


Brad Boswell
CEO and 4th Generation Cooper, Independent Stave Company