The cooperage division has five barrel production facilities.

  • Missouri Cooperage in Lebanon, Missouri produces barrels for wines and spirits. 
  • Kentucky Cooperage in Lebanon, Kentucky manufactures barrels for spirits.
  • Boutique cooperages in Australia, Chile and France produce wine barrels.

Independent Stave Company's process begins by selecting only the highest quality oak sourced from the premier forest regions of Central France, the Vosges and the American Midwest. These forests produce straight and very fine-grain oak and the company employs the industry's most experienced log buyers while managing over 15 log yards. Most importantly, this means our clients receive the highest quality oak.

Following careful selection, the oak is processed into staves at one of the company's state-of-the-art mills in Europe and the U.S. Today Independent Stave Company is the largest, and most quality-focused, stave mill operation in the world. With six highly efficient stave mills around the globe, the company services our wine and bourbon cooperages as well as other international cooperages. Mill facilities are located in:

  • Missouri, USA
  • Indiana, USA
  • Ohio, USA
  • Kentucky, USA
  • France

Oak Solutions Group is a premium oak products company that uses industry-leading technology to produce value-added flavor solutions. Their “evOAK” line of oak chips and powder, barrel inserts and tank staves add intense, distinctive character to every wine. Alternatives are manufactured in:

  • Missouri, USA
  • France
  • Australia

Missouri Mulch fully utilizes the white oak used in barrel-making by manufacturing and selling decorative mulch, wood chips and compost. Missouri Mulch is located in New Florence, Missouri.