Barrel making is a centuries-old craft steeped in tradition. Yet it was the fine-tuning of the process that made it like an “art.” Today, Independent Stave Company continues to perfect the craft of barrel making through innovation, technology and ingenuity.

From log procurement to barrel crafting, we are intimately familiar with each step in the process. This enlightened perspective enables us to give customers a “better barrel.” Here are just a few examples:

  • Our experienced log buyers carefully select the slower grown, tight grain, white oak trees from the world’s finest forests.
  • At our mills, logs are cut into precise and customized staves, tailored to meet customers’ needs.
  • Staves are allowed to season naturally in the open air, which removes undesirable flavors and helps formulate flavor characteristics such as spice, vanilla and sweet notes.
  • Temperature sensors monitor appropriate barrel toasting (or charring) to ensure unique flavor.
  • Expert knowledge of white oak maturation used to create alternative-flavoring methods in the form of oak chips, barrel inserts and tank staves.
  • Regional sales offices allow for personalized communications and rapid response to customers around the world.
  • By utilizing nearly one hundred percent of the log for staves, oak chips and mulch, the company operates one of the most sustainable, environmentally conscious cooperages in the world.